Lofts, LLC provides loft bed rental for students residing in residence halls at Ole Miss – Oxford campus only. When you order a loft bed, we will deliver it to your room and have it set up prior to move-in day. When you move out of your room in May, simply leave the loft bed and we will remove it.

Loft Beds

Available in dark and light wood finishes, your bed selection is determined by where you will be residing.

LIGHT LOFTS: Brown | Crosby | Deaton | Hefley | Martin | Stewart | Stockard

DARK LOFTS: Burns | Luckyday | Minor Hall | Pittman Hall | Residential College South

The beds provided in RH1, RH2, and RH3 can be lofted without ordering a loft kit. You can raise the bed to loft height yourself upon arrival.  If you want us to raise it prior to your arrival, we will do so for a fee of $45.00 plus tax.  Please select “Raise to Loft Height  – RH1, R2, RH3” on the order form.


Ladders are available for both bed finishes as well as for bunk beds and beds in RH1, RH2, and RH3.  Our lofts are designed so that both bed ends act as a ladder; therefore, ladders are not required. Note that ladders do take up extra floor space. Be sure to refer to floorplans and photos of the Ole Miss residence hall rooms to see how that could impact your living arrangements.

Safety Rail

Functional, and good-looking too! Available for both bed finishes as well as for bunk beds and beds in RH1, RH2, and RH3.

Bed Height

Beds are installed at a standard height of 60.5″ from the floor to the bottom of the bed spring. If you would like your bed installed at a lower height, then let us know when placing your order.

Light wood lofts can be lowered in 3″ increments from 3″ to 18″, with 42.5″ being the lowest point.

Dark wood lofts can only be lowered by 11″, with 49.5″ being the lowest point.

Lofts vs Bunk

Bunk bed one bed stacked on top of another bed, resulting in two sleeping surfaces.

Loft bed one elevated bed with open space below. resulting in one sleeping surface.

The area under your loft is waiting for your ideas… Keep it within the following dimensions, and it should fit!

Width: 80″ Height:

  • Standard Install = 60.5″  from floor to the bottom of bed spring
  • Light @ Lowest = 42.5″ from floor to bottom of bed spring
  • Dark @ Lowest = 49.5″