2023-24 Loft Bed Rental

The Loft Bed Program is available to students attending the University of Mississippi on the Oxford campus only. There are a limited number of loft kits for the fall installation, so order early!  Please take note that all orders received after July 1 will be filled by move-in day based on availability.  We will contact you with details.

The optional safety rail and/or the optional ladder can be ordered for use on bunk beds as well as loft beds.

Loft Bed
14.35Sales Tax
$5.95Sales Tax
Safety Rail
3.85Sales Tax

When you order a Loft Bed, Lofts, LLC will deliver it to your room
and have it set up prior to move-in day.

When you move out of your room in May,
simply leave the loft bed and we will remove it.

  • Both light and dark wood lofts are installed at a standard height of 60.5″ from the floor to the bottom of the bed spring.
  • Please indicate on your order form if you want your loft bed lowered.
  • Light wood lofts can be lowered in 3″ increments from 3″ to 18″, with 42.5″ being the lowest point.
  • Dark wood lofts can only be lowered by 11″, with 49.5″ being the lowest point.
  • All Loft Beds will be installed prior to your assigned move-in date.

Complete our Online Order Form to immediately purchase a Lofts, LLC rental option.