Loft Bed Rental Terms & Conditions

This rental agreement is between Lofts, LLC and the renter. All payments will be made to Lofts, LLC and not to The University of Mississippi. Any questions should be directed to Lofts, LLC and not The University of Mississippi. A confirmation of your order will be emailed to the address you provided on the order form. If you have not received an email confirmation from us within three(3) business days, please contact our office via

The renter is liable for any and all damages to the items rented from Lofts, LLC, up to the full replacement cost should the items be lost, stolen or damaged beyond use.  The loft bed kit consists of two bed ends, two stabilizer bars, optional safety rail, and optional ladder.  Replacement costs are as follows: Bed Ends-$195.00 each, Stabilizer Bar-$50.00 each, Safety Rail -$135.00 each, Ladder-$235.00 each.  Please note – these are replacement cost and not rental cost.  Rental cost can be found on this website.

The Renter agrees to release Lofts, Inc., Lofts, LLC, and their owners, officers, stockholders, managers, employees, and any representatives of any and all liability, bodily injury, property damage, and/or mental anguish arising from the use of any and all items leased or rented from Lofts, Inc. or Lofts, LLC. This release includes any and/or all items ordered through our website or by any other means of communication.  Renter agrees that Lofts, Inc. nor Lofts, LLC is not responsible for any damages or injury to the renter or anyone the renter allows to use the leased, rented, or borrowed items. The renter takes sole responsibility for any and all liability, property damage, bodily injury, and/or mental anguish associated with the use of the leased, rented, or borrowed items.

The rental period is from August to May.  This rental agreement may not be transferred to another student.  Full payment must be made at the time of your order by credit card or check. There are no refunds on loft bed kits, safety rails, or ladders once they have been installed in the designated room indicated on your order form.  If your cancellation request is received prior to the loft bed kit being installed we will refund the rental fees, less a $25.00 processing fee.

During the rental period, the loft bed kit is the renter’s responsibility.  It must remain in the room indicated on your original order form.  If you change residence hall rooms, it is your responsibility to notify Lofts, LLC and make arrangements for us to move your loft bed kit.   All requests to move a loft bed kit must be submitted on this website.  A  fee of $50.00 will be charged to move a loft bed kit from one room to another.  If you leave school or no longer wish to have your loft bed kit, it is your responsibility to contact Lofts, LLC and request that we remove the loft bed kit.  Early termination of this rental contract will result in an early termination fee of $40.00, due to the fact that we will have to come remove the loft bed kit from your room prior to May.  All requests to remove a loft bed kit must be submitted on this website.

All loft bed kits will be installed in the residence halls prior to your assigned move-in date.  It is your responsibility to provide Lofts, LLC with the correct hall name and room number for installation.  If your room assignment changes after you have placed your loft bed kit order with us, you must notify Lofts, LLC. If a loft bed kit is installed in the incorrect room, based on the information you provided us with, there will be a fee of $50.00 to move the loft bed kit to the correct room.

We encourage you to place your loft bed kit orders no later than July 1 in order to guarantee installation by your move-in date. We will continue to accept orders after July 1 as long as loft bed kits, ladders and safety rails are still available. Orders received after July 1 will be filled based upon availability. If items are not available, you will be contacted by Lofts, LLC. If items are available, you will receive a copy of your paid invoice via email within three (3) business days.